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Why Cryolipolysis is keeping its cool against other fat-reduction treatment

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It’s no coincidence LipoFreeze technology withstands the quick melt of most health and beauty trends. The FDA-cleared practice is supported by empirical research and has proven both practical and safe against more invasive ways to rid excess weight.

It works

According to Harvard Health Publishing, an analysis of more than 1,000 people showed an average of 25 percent fat reduction after one treatment in body areas such hips, stomach and thighs.


Study shows an average of 25% reduction after one treatment


Only 1.4 out of 10 patients reported not seeing any change after one treatment.


The tech was first tested in abdominal areas with stubborn fat that are colloquially referred to as “love handles” or “muffin top.” After proving its effectiveness here, application moved to another area of concern for many: thighs. The system reduced excess fat in the legs the same way.


It’s practical

Cryolipolysis is one of the easiest fat-reducing treatments available. The cold-assisted therapy is low 

pain compared to ultrasound or radiofrequency. It’s also less time consuming than laser and wave therapies.

As practical as it may be, results and time frames depend on the goals of each person; someone shouldn’t expect a defined summer body when they’ve begun looking into LipoFreeze in May. Rather, patients should request a consultation months prior.


Book your LipoFreeze consultation today at the Better Health & Wellness Center at (858) 679-5544 to see if you’re a fit candidate.


Cryolipolysis doesn’t require added upkeep to a healthy lifestyle. The process can be sketched out as follows:


1.     Consultation to discover goals

2.     Assignation of treatment plan

3.     Booking appointments


Appointments at the Better Health & Wellness Center are an easy task: The patient arrives wearing comfortable clothing. The clinician applies a gel pad to protect the patient’s skin. The clinician then vacuums up the treated area using pressure, pulling the fat bulge into cooling panels. The patient feels cold and a bit of pinching and tingling, which subsides as area becomes numb.


The fat cells start being targeted by the cold. Fat being more sensitive to cold, the surrounding muscle and tissue remain unaffected. The body starts eliminating the dead fat cells over a course of weeks, resulting in a successful reduction of stubborn fat.


Safe to freeze


             On a scale of 1-10, patients rated pain at a four


All while avoiding the knife, this cold marvel’s temporary side effects are redness, soreness, bruising and numbness. The study reports repeated application of Cryolipolysis is safe. It also noted Cryolipolysis is safe for all skin types, saying there was no discoloration of the skin.


The process is overall low pain; participants of another 2017 study rated the pain a four on a 1-10 scale.


Wellness is first and foremost a choice. Book your LipoFreeze and weight loss consultation today at the Better Health & Wellness Center at (858) 679-5544 to see if you’re a fit candidate.



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