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LipoFreeze in context: A holistic approach to fat reduction


Pursuing better health and wellness is not a set of isolated appointments — it’s a lifestyle.


Cryolipolysis, for instance, is best recommended to individuals already taking agency over their fitness. LipoFreeze is considered a third component to eating healthily and exercising accordingly; it’s the phase looking at the stubborn fat that won’t go away doing the other two alone.


LipoFreeze looks at stubborn fat that won’t go away with exercise


Another component could be Electronic Muscle Stimulation (EMS), which is ideal for firming and toning muscles as body weight starts to reduce. If a person striving for better health focuses solely on losing weight, they might go from being overweight to having a body that lacks toning.


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EMS can be applied as a complete body workout or have it fixate on problem areas. The therapy works by delivering impulses to the muscles through soft rubber pads. Muscles contract like they would during exercise.


The effects are similar to a regular session of press-ups, knee bends or floor exercises, but it’s done without stressing joints.

Recipients start seeing results in four to six weeks. Additional benefits to EMS include:

-       Stimulating circulation of treatment area

-       Clearing subcutaneous debris through enhanced blood flow

-       Correcting fatigue faults caused by poor muscle tone

-       Feeling healthier, springier and less prone to fatigue

-       Pulling waistline into shape by tightening unsightly bulges

-       Improving both bulging hips and dropping buttocks


Designed for toning, EMS doesn’t burn calories. Assistance in detoxifications and metabolism increase can be found in ChiroThin nutrition strategies, which is a doctor-supervised, weight-loss program.


Through a six-week plan, ChiroThin patients have lost 20-35 pounds in 42 days.


The program involves dietary and behavioral modifications to control appetite and accelerate fat-to-energy metabolism by going through a high-calorie consumption period followed by a low-calorie bracket assisted by ChiroThin drops. The drops are not medication, but rather natural amino acids and vitamins.


Following through the six-week plan, patients have lost 20-35 pounds in 42 days.


Wellness is first and foremost a choice. Book your LipoFreeze and weight loss consultation today at the Better Health & Wellness Center at (858) 679-5544 to see if you’re a fit candidate. 


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