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...but is it safe?



Trimming down excessive mass shouldn’t be invasive, painful or dangerous. The authors of a 2017 study involving the spot-reducing treatment called Cryolipolysis provided data supporting its pain-free procedures and safety.


Cryolipolysis is a quick and non-surgical option at the Better Health & Wellness Center. The treatment avoids the knife all while conducting well-tolerated cold therapies. On a scale of 1-10, study participants rated the cool treatment with a mean pain score of four. Its painless nature deems LipoFreeze an effective alternative to surgery.




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In addition to being low impact, the study concluded Cryolipolysis is safe in regards to its effect on blood lipids and liver tests.

There were no clinically meaningful changes at any point following multi-cycle, one-day procedures on the lower abdomen.


The study followed its 35 participants for about four months after their treatments. Expected side effects such as numbing, redness or swelling were mild or moderate, and they were resolved without intervention, according to the study.


Another study, which Harvard Health Publishing reported on, concluded Cryolipolysis in repeated application is safe. It also noted cryolipolysis is safe for all skin types, with no discoloration of the skin.


FDA-cleared and its effectiveness supported by empirical evidence, Cryolipolysis is — to revise — safe in multiple measures:

-       Low pain

-       Non-surgical

-       No liver or blood lipids damage in abdominal treatments

-       No pigment damage


Wellness is first and foremost a choice. Book your LipoFreeze consultation at the Better Health & Wellness Center at (858) 679-5544 to see if you’re a fit candidate. 



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