#JingleYourJiggle: How are you losing the extra fat in 2018? 


There’s a reason people tackle weight and fat reduction around New Year’s Day—yes, there’s resolutions—but, also, achieving a realistic goal takes time. When our patients start looking at fat loss around winter, things shape up come summer.


At the Better Health and Wellness Center, we’re creating a yearly reminder to #JingleYourJiggle during the holidays.

This is the time of the year to revisit old strategies. Perhaps your workout and dieting need the final touch: How to rid the excess fat that just won’t give. Join us online to tell us how you’ll be “jingling” off the extra weight in 2018 by using the hashtag #JingleYourJiggle


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and tagging our new Instagram with our handle @BHWCpoway.


Our quick San Diego cold is the perfect time to start plotting your revenge body with a consultation. A couple months in, you’ll jingle that extra jiggle away— all the way.

So, what’s our 2018 way to rid excess fat? LipoFreeze, a cold-assisted therapy designed to freeze fat cells away, especially in the areas where stubborn jiggle perseveres. Supported by empirical research and enduring the trend phase of come-and-go, weight-loss fads, this fat-reducing practice starts delivering noticeable results within two months of treatment. If you ask us, it’d be wise to start to #JingleYourJiggle today.


Wellness is first and foremost a choice. Book your LipoFreeze consultation at the Better Health & Wellness Center at (858) 679-5544 to see if you’re a fit candidate. And tell us online how you’re shaving off the extra weight by using the hashtag #JingleYourJiggle and tagging us on Instagram with our handle @BHWCpoway.


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